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the car to go out of control. >>> a phone hacking scandal in britain may be more widespread than previously thought. >> reporter: the committee wants to know why didn't police do a more thorough investigation of the hacking rumors? there were dirty tricks going on. not just as the news of the world, but also the sun and the sunday times. all three paramedics -- papers are owned by rupert rupert murdoch. >> the british government is now calling for rupert murdoch to withdraw his $12 billion bid to buy a popular satellite broadcasting company. >>> wikileaks founder, julian assange is fighting extradition home to sweden. he insists the allegations against him are politically motive. tina kraus has more from a british courtroom with more. >> reporter: wiki leaks founder julian assange made his way through a crush of people to make his way into britain's high court. his lawyers are trying to block his e tradition to -- extradition to scweeden. they say sweden's case against assange is flawed. he is accused of sexually assaulting two wikileaks volunteers on a trip to stockholm last sum
of fire. britain's prime minister gets an earful from parliament today on the phone hacking scandal. lawmakers are putting david cameron in the hot seat. >> reporter: british lawmakers took aim at the prime minister in a british debate over the phone hacking scandal. >> you live and you learn. and believe you me, i have learned. >> reporter: cameron is taking heat for hiring his former communications chief, andy colson. colson was editor at news of the world, when journalists hacked into the voice mails of politicians. >> with 20/20 hindsight, and all that followed, i would not have offered him the job, and i suspect he wouldn't have taken it. >> it's not about hindsight, mr. speaker. it's about all of the information and warnings that the prime minister ignored. >> reporter: now that colson has been arrested issue the prime minister is under even more pressure to distance him from -- himself from the scandal. >> the questions are being asked about the friends he keeps. >> reporter: cameron met with newscorps executives more than two dozen times since taking office. he denied claims
's what people are talking about. britain's simmering phone hacking scandal erupts today. a judge is digging deeper into the case to see if the country needs tougher media regulation. tina kraus reports from london. >> reporter: the british judge, leading the first public hearings into the fine hacking scandal, says he will be demanding evidence from witnesses. >> it may be tempting for a number of people to close ranks and suggest the problem is or was local to a small group of journalists then operating "news of the world." >> the investigation will look into the media's relationship with the public, police and politicians. >> very, very serious. >> parliament-grilled rupert murdoch and his son james last week. journalists said they are accused of hacking the voice mails of murder and terror victims. the government-backed investigations will look into allegations of eavesdropping at other media outlets, too. several journalists are on the panel to help police chiefs, to help expose corrupt practices. >> reporter: police investigations are also under way to hacking and bribery wi
nissan reports that britain's prime minister is now in damage control mode. >> the scandal has taken down one of the best-selling tabloids. police have arrested david cameron's friend and former top aide andy schoolson on suspicion he was tabbing -- tapping into cell phones and voice mails. after phone hacking alwayses, he was forced to resign from the paper in 2007. >> the decision to harm was mine and mine alone and i take full responsibility for it. >> reporter: police also arrested collide goodman, a former top news of the world reporter. more arrests could be coming, with allegations that the papers didn't just hack the phones of celebrities and royals but crime victims and fallen soldiers. trying to contain the fallout, the prime minister nounced -- announced two separate probes and promised tighter rules for britain's free-for-all press. >> mr. murdoch -- >> rupert murdoch sits on top of the press, news of the world, as well as wall street and fox. >> reporter: news of the world has been the british paper for 168 years. but people we spoke to today said it was time to pull the murd
, but not that the u.s. gained independence from great britain. 30% of younger people knew about that. >>> well, parades and barbecues are part of the 4th of july celebration. there's a tradition that happens every day and takes on a special meaning today. >> reporter: it's a star spangled holiday. the stars and stripes are everywhere. >> it's the family getting together. it's a form of unity. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. >> reporter: at chicken ruth's deli, they resite the pledge every morning. chick began the ceremony 22 years ago. you're cleaning your mind and saying, i'm lucky to do what i do. >> i bleed red, white and blue. >> reporter: he was born on the 4th of july. he's here for the pledge. >> i get my day started at the deli. i'm getting my day off started right. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: it's a welcomed way to start the day in the capital, especially on this day of independence. >> it never ceases to amaze you. it's a warm feeling you get when it's over. we're happy to do this every day. >> thank you, and have a very goo
. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. >> outrage in britain over a phone hacking scandal. a newspaper is accused of hacking into the phone of missing children and terror attack victims. now, lawmakers are getting involved. charlie d'agata reports from london. >> reporter: a british tabloid may have hacked into the phones of a 13-year-old girl and suicide bombing families. investigators are looking into whether journalists at rupert murdoch's news of the world listened in to desperate conversations of families. they also allegedly tapped into the account of 13-year-old missing girl. not only listening to her voice mail but deleting frantic messages from her relatives. she was found dead six months after she disappeared in 2002. >> this is disgusting, disgraceful. there are no words to describe how awful this was. how awful it is to the parents. >> the new hacking allegations are infuriating the british public, prompting an emergency government session and called for an immediate session. >> we're talking about murder victims, potentially terrorist victims, having t
is going on in britain, that there aren't going to be similar episodes going on here. >> murdoch is known as the dirty digger in the uk. now, the media billionaire is trying to dig himself out of the scandal that is front page news. in london, tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> it is unclear whether rupert murdoch can be forced to appear since he is an american citizen. murdoch's son, james, has offered to speak to parliament next month. >>> it has been more than a year since a deadly duck boat tour crash. now, the pilot of that boat is facing federal charges. kai is in the newsroom with the update on the investigation. >> reporter: the duck boat pilot is now charged with involuntary murder. sources say captain mike delvin was on his mobile phone dealing with a family emergency when the boat crashed. two tourists drowned. federal prosecutors say delvein has agreed to mead guilt -- plead guilty as part of a plea deal. >> investigators say the pilot received 21 phone calls during the moments before the crash. >>> investigators say one person was killed and nearly two dozen more injured whe
, in the world of business, james murdoch got a thumbs up, reconfirmed as chairman of the board, of britain's satellite network. b sky b, after the company recorded record profits. >> reporter: the news corps corporation was hastily shut down by the murdochs earlier this mongtsd. but a fresh headline is making shocking allegations. that the voice mail of sarah pain was hacked. she is the mother of the little girl who was killed last month by a pedophile. >> murdoch will likely be brought back to london for more questioning. >>> kai is in the newsroom with an unspeakable case of child abuse. >> the family of the girl told police she liked to hide in a container box. but now, four members of that family are locked up, accused of her murder. earlier this month, authorities found the little girl's body inside a little chest. investigators say she was forced to jump into a box for taking a popsicle. then family members spun the box around. the family members say they made up the story to cover up the crime. >> the four people are charged with first-degree murder and child abuse. >>> dramatic vid
to be with drawn by 2014. britain will donate $290 million in aid. >>> mary is live with shocking accusations. >> reporter: a british newspaper is accused of hacking into a 13-year-old murdered girl's phone days after she vanished in 2002. the police say that the suspect gave them a false sense of hope she was still alive. the paper hasn't commented yet. they admitted to other high profile phone hacks. >>> an escalator accident at a subway stop in china leaves one dead and dozens injured. the victims fell over after an escalator malfunctioned. investigators say that they're trying to find out what happened. >>> we're learning more about a deadly police shooting in san francisco. as we report for wjz, one of the two officers involved had a taser and didn't use it. >> at first, i thought they were fireworks going on. >> reporter: he heard four to five shots as the police officers confronted and shot to death a man in the civic center station. the chief said it began at 9:34 p.m. with the call of a while male. >> he was a white male in a tie died t-shirt. he walked around the platform with an op
into allegations police may have been paid for information, including details about senior members of britain's royal family. >> it is one of the widest corruption probes of baltimore city police in years. now, two men at the heart of a kickback scandal plead guilty. vic has the latest on this back eye for the department. >> reporter: the owners of majestic auto admit to conspiracy and extortion. edward smith, who you see here on the right, pleaded guilty loorntion with his brother -- along with his brother. court documents reveal as many as 50 police officers may have been involved. the officers got cash kickbacks from the brothers. the shop was not on the list of approved businesses for the city. >> the brothers are likely to receive prison terms, between 6 to 9 years. both have agreed to cooperate with investigators in the case. >>> a string of violence across baltimore. several people are killed. and right now, police are looking for their killers. mike hellgren has more on what police are doing about the bloodshed. >> reporter: police say they are disappointed, but they are not going to
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